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†Kathleen Field Orr


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Kathleen Field Orr specializes in the area of local government law.† She serves as corporation counsel for many municipalities and as special counsel to communities which seek her assistance either through their own attorneys or directly when they have special concerns.


Kathleen Field Orr strives to assist our clients in developing comprehensive legal and public policy strategies and is a capable and effective advocate when issues become disputes.† Her approach is not to impose her views but to offer in-depth suggestions to illuminate the choices her clients will need to make in order to effectively address their goals and concerns.


She believes it is her responsibility to advise her clients of legal matters and concepts so that local officials understand the reasoning and consequences behind available options and are able to comprehensively evaluate issues presented.


Kathleen Field Orr considers it a privilege to serve a public body in its efforts to improve the day-to-day lives of its citizenry.

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